setting up a fresh serverEdit

1. on your local box create a logical computer with target server name.
   (we will copy all files to target server when we are done.)

   1.0  Make sure you have a username with "administrator" privilage, and you
   are logged in. Also make sure that fullpliant has been started as root,
   because it will need to chroot and copy files ...   Also, make sure
   you are not in a logical computer, but in the real computer (url must
   begin with loopback:/pliant/menu, which is the default when you start

   1.1  Configure => "Logical and install"
   1.2  Create a new logical computer, example
   1.3  Click on the new enntry "" to modify properties
   1.3.1  Set multiplexer port to some port, example 7051
   1.3.2  Notice that path is file:/logical/ -- that's where
          files will endup for the logical computer.
   1.3.3  Press exit to return to previous screen (with logical computers)
   1.4  Press "Install" button in top left corner.
   1.4.1  In the new screen that opens, for Medium, select "Logical Computer"
   1.4.2  For "Name of new host" type
   1.4.3  Click on the path field, to have it automatically fill in to
   1.4.4  Fill in the DNS server to be the real dns server that server will
          access (put the IP there, not the name).
   1.4.5  Key bits (default is 1024 which takes pliant forever to generate. Set
         this to something small first, to get things going. Example: 128.)
   1.4.6 Press "install". Press "yes" for question popping out at the top.
   1.4.7 Press "exit" after this is done.
   1.5   You are back at the "Logical computers screen". Click again on the
   logical computer entry "". Click on button "Adjust files
   owner". Click exit to return to prev screen.
   1.6   Start the logical server, by clicking the "start" button accross the entry
         "". The status should change to "running".
         But "running" doesn't mean it is ready yet. The CPU usage will be at
         100%, because it is compiling everything. Just wait until cpu usage
         drops to 0% accross that entry.

         note: If you get an error (you never see "running" status)
         , check your steps. For example, maybe you typed the domain
         name wrong when you "installed" it in step 1.4.7. In that case, do
         install again with the right name.
   2.0   Goto "Service" -> "Names" -> "Names" and set ip for
         to localhost
   2.1   Then get back, and go into "Host" menu, ot add more info on server1.
         Click on entry "server1" andc make sure that "multiplexer" line
         is set to the same port as you picked (e.g. 7051).  If it says 36,
         change it to your port (7051). (Also, while you are on that screen,
         you will see that the key is generated).
   3.0   Go back to the top menu, and goto to Tools -> Development -> Configure.
         Add an entry "server1", and go into its properties.  Set label to
         server1, title: server1, logical computer:,
         path for files: /server1/
   3.0.1 Add a link called with url
   4.0   Exit to development menu, select "server1" and click on the link to try to connect. You will see a "wait" status
         on the right panel, wait for a bit. Soon enough, you should be
   4.1   Disable UI client: Make sure you are connected to the logical computer
         server1 (should say server1 on the right panel). TODO: how ?
   5.0   Disconnect from the server, by going to url loopback:/pliant/menu
   5.1   Stop the logical computer by going to
         "Configure" -> "Logical and Install" -> "stop" button across ""
   6.0   Open bash, and tar up needed files (pliant-security only)
         from the logical computer.
           $ cd /logical/
           $ sudo tar czvf /tmp/ pliant-security
   6.1   Copy files to target linux server, by your means.
         (e.g. scp /tmp/
   6.2   ssh to target server
         Uncompress the archive into root directory on target server.
           server1$ tar xzvf -C /
   6.3   Start fullpliant server as root
         server1$ sudo /pliant/fullpliant
   6.4   Wait long enough for the server to start and to say that multiplexer is
         running on port you chose (7051).
   7.0   Get back to the pliant ui on your local machine, and go to
         Service -> Names -> Hosts -> "" and change
         the ip to real ip address of your server1
   7.1   Go to Tools -> Development -> server1 (dropdown) and click on the link you have created in step 3.0.1.  Watch the right
         side bar for the status. It will change from "connect" to "wait" to
         "server1".  Then menu will appear. You are now connected to the remote
         server. Congratulations...
   8.0   Post: on the server install (cdparanoia,...)

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